Day by Day Family Services, LLC is a community agency, dedicated to improving the quality of life for people with mental, physical, substance use and intervention needs. We are committed to respecting the rights of people to live in their home by promoting hope for the future and providing services.  We also encourage and  promote self-determination, empowerment, recovery, resilience, health, and the highest possible level of consumer participation in all aspects of community life including work, school, family and other meaningful relationships.

Since our inception in 2009 Day by Day Family Services has become nationally accredited by CQL (council on quality and leadership) and achieved CABHA (critical access behavior health agency) Certification.


Our Mission


Day By Day Family Services, LLC is an agency dedicated and committed to providing quality care efficiently and effectively for the consumers and families we serve. The agency recognized the need for structure, nurturing, healing, and healthy living to promo the positive change.

At Day By Day Family Services people strive to succeed when they continue to take one step forward day by day.

Ruth Ann Thomas, LCAS/CEO

Day By Day Family Services, LLC

9700 Research Drive Suite 122

Charlotte, NC 28262

Office: 704-405-4265

Fax: 704-405-4262

Crisis: 704-699-3860


Contact information

Our CEO/ Clinical Director

Ruth Ann Thomas,     Ceo/LCAS

  • Diagnostic Assessment
  • Intensive In-Home
  • Community Support Team
  • SAIOP (Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient Program)


  • SACOT (Substance Abuse Comprehensive Outpatient Treatment
  • DWI

day By Day family services


Who we Are


Ms.Thomas is a licensed clinical addiction specialist and have been working in the field of chemical dependency for over 29 years. Her passion has always been in working with people with co-occurring disorders and helping people in their process of recovery. She also believes in  her motto"Getting into the Solution"