SAIOP (Substance abuse intensive outpatient program)

Is a structured individual and group addiction activity and service program designed to assist adult and adolescent consumers to begin recovery and learn skills for recovery maintenance. Offered at least 3 hours a day, at least 3 days a week, with no more than 2 consecutive days between offered services (ASAM Level II.1)

SACOT (Substance Abuse comprehensive outpatient treatment)

Is a service emphasizing reduction in use and abuse of substance and/or continued abstinence, the negative consequences of substance abuse, development of social support network and necessary lifestyle changes, educational skills, vocational skills leading to work, improved family functioning and the continued commitment to recovery to maintain residence in their community and to be a part of the family's life.


Intensive In Home  

Diagnostic Assessment 

Diagnostic Assessment

is a clinical face-to-face evaluation of an individual's mental health, developmental disability, behavioral, or substance abuse condition led by our licensed therapist. The diagnostic assessment report helps to identify if an individual meets criteria for enhanced community services and determines if the individual is ready and willing to participate in services.

Community support team

An intensive community service that provides mental health and substance abuse treatment and restorative interventions. Community-based services assist consumers in defining and achieving their personal recovery goals and encourage independence and self-determination.

Intensive in-home

Is a time-limited intensive family preservation intervention intended to diffuse the current crisis, evaluate its nature, and intervene to reduce the likelihood of a recurrence. Ultimately to stabilize the living arrangement, promote reunification or prevent the utilization of out-of-home therapeutic resources (i.e., psychiatric hospital, therapeutic foster care, and residential treatment facility.


Community Support